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Star Trek

Ok....three words are all I need to describe this movie....

It fucking rocks!!!!!

*is a happy Trek geek today* :D

another change :)

...Xana now has a cell phone >_

Toad pictures!

Yeah, they're a bit blurry because I haven't really leaned everything on my camera yet...but they're still great because it's Toad! ^_^

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Reflections on Toad

God, where do I begin? After waiting for what seems like my entire life, though it's only actually been almost 20 years (ONLY??). Ahem. If you don't know by know I've always considered Toad the Wet Sprocket to be my favorite band of all time and seeing them last night was one of those moments where you realize that this is what life is about. Getting out and enjoying a band that remarkably still enjoys being together on tour and is so wonderfully interactive and happy and energetic that it's hard for me to describe the exhilaration that I felt after it was over.

Their sound and energy and pretty much everything about their performance was f'n incredible! And how they all manage to look EXACTLY like they did 15 years ago I want to find out! Like my sister said, we really think Glen Phillips has found the fountain of youth!

As for the set list itself, they pretty much played all of the hits and everything you expected them to play. About the only thing that I personally could complain about was not hearing "I Will Not Take These Things For Granted", but that's the Toad-geek in me speaking out there! :D

They opened the set with "Something's Always Wrong" and finished with "Fall Down" which was a nice bookend, and the encores were "Come Back Down" and "Walk On The Ocean" which was a phenomenal way to cap the entire evening off. The funniest moments were when they picked this girl out of the audience to do the spoken words in "Butterflies" and she completely forgot them and ended up having a fun conversation with Glen which was hilarious!

I was especially excited to hear "Know Me" and "Windmills" live as well...overall you could say that I think this was my favorite concert ever and I have my sister to thank for getting the tickets for my late
Christmas present!

And now, I'm completely exhausted after driving about eight hours total in the past twenty-four hours and I think I'll go take a contented nap! :)

Better late than never, eh?

Yesterday was my friends' Gwen's birthday....I'm sorry that I didn't manage to get a card out for you or post here, but I was thinking of you yesterday! Hope Bart treated you well and that you had a fantabulous day!

Ahhh...those crazy cats!

Song of the day

Xana will be going back to school!

In the fall that is as I go back to basics and start in the field of accounting...which will fit me much better than teacher ever did. It's a new beginning :)

Song of the day ^_^